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Your garage is a space in your home that will carry a heavy load, whether it be your vehicles, holiday storage, or outdoor equipment. No matter what it may be, you need a professional flooring company that knows how to ensure the life of your floors.

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As Colorado's premier residential and commercial flooring company, we specialize in a wide variety of Epoxy and Polyaspartic flooring options that not only look great, and bring value to your home, but protect your floors from corrosive materials or items that could easily cause significant damage.

Our CEO, Chris Dobson, was a customer himself that saw a common problem with garage floors throughout Colorado and created a flooring solution that became an instant demand in an already hot housing market. As a car enthusiast restoring multiple classic cars, he realized the need that others have for a garage workspace area and Showroom Garage Flooring was born.



Epoxy Metallic Garage Flooring

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Custom Quartz Flooring

Image of black, gray & white flake flooring in a residential garage

Polyaspartic Flake Garage Flooring

We Provide Residential And
Commercial Flooring Options

Turn your garage or workspace into a Showroom.

Our local Colorado family-run team of flooring experts install Polyaspartic and Epoxy Coatings for a more efficient, protective, and long-lasting finish on your concrete floor. No matter the weather, we are here to provide a solution that restores, protects, and enhances your concrete flooring.


Polyaspartic garage standard. Perfect for garages & commercial application. Extremely durable & slip resistant finish.


Beautiful, extraordinary effect. Make your garage a showroom and stand out from the rest.

Solid Flooring

Gorgeous, seamless look garages. Ideal for Residential & commercial flooring, providing a polished and consistent look.


Quartz shield flooring is one of the most durable floor shield coatings available. Great for walkways, balconies, decks & high use surfaces.

Silica Sand

Amazing utility application. Useful for walkways, balconies, decks and high use surfaces.


Eye catching and suitable for a wide range of flooring needs. Make your garage, entryway or floor pop!

Top Flooring Trends

Polyaspartic vs. Epoxy

Polyaspartic is a hybrid material, similar to polyurethane, that is used as an alternative to epoxy due to its versatility, resistance to weather and temperature, UV resistance, and faster cure times. Great for garage or workspace.

Epoxy is a resin polymer that works best indoors to protect floors due to its affordability, durability, resistance to chemicals, and slip-resistant surfaces that is great for any garage or workspace.


What Our Clients Say

I highly recommend Chris and his team of experts at Showroom Garage Flooring. I'm amazed by the quality and craftsmanship of my new garage floor. They are responsive, on time and finished my garage in less than a day. They are true professionals in every possible way.

Blaine Jespersen Epoxy Floor Coating / Customer

Chris and his team are dedicated to making sure you have a garage you can be proud of. Their passion for their craft is contagious and you can be assured your project is done to the best standards. Their work makes me want to spend more time in my garage than ever before. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a garage transformation.

Sean Qureshi Garage Flooring / Customer

Chris and his team at Showroom Garage Flooring did an amazing job with my garage. They showed up when they said they would and the value compared to the larger guys is amazing. I would highly recommend Showroom Garage Flooring as you won’t be disappointed!

Douglas Farnam Epoxy Floor Coating / Customer

I had a great experience with Showroom Garage Flooring. There was way more value in their pricing than the bigger guys, and the team was so friendly. I will definitely recommend!

Shea Lindsey Concrete Epoxy Floor / Customer

Chris and the crew at Showroom Garage Flooring were great to work with and I couldn’t be happier with my new garage floor!

Adam Tabaja Epoxy Floor Coating / Customer

Chris, Jorge, and Mateo were nothing short of detailed and professional. They were very responsive and worked with us through the whole project. I highly recommend them for your garage flooring needs.

Patryk Tabernacki Epoxy Floor Coating / Customer

Why Choose Us






After a long career in the Navy, our founder Chris knew that he wanted to continue helping people with common problems they face on a daily basis, even from the comfort of their own home. After seeing and dealing with what can happen to his garage floors, he started Showroom Garage Flooring to provide a solution for homeowners who are in dire need of a more durable and valuable garage floor.

We prioritize having integrity above all else, always keeping our word, and remaining true to what we value the most – you, the customer. If you have a question or need immediate assistance, our team is proud of their rapid response time and always promise to follow up within a 12-hour window of your request to make sure your problem reaches a solution.

Trust Showroom Garage Flooring for all your residential and commercial flooring needs in the greater Denver, Colorado area.

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