Terms & Conditions

We are excited to help prepare you for your new installation! By accepting this estimate, you accept the terms and conditions.
A 50% deposit is required to schedule installation. 


Preparation for your new garage, patio, or basement floor installation: 

We ask that you please remove all belongings from the floor prior to our arrival. We do use commercial graded filtered vacuums with all of our equipment. If there are any of your belongings hanging from walls or ceilings, such as bikes and tools, that may affect movement around the installation area, please move those items as well. Most hanging items will not be in the way. The grinding process may produce dust particles that may fall on nearby items. We recommend that those items are covered prior to installation, the Showroom Garage Flooring, LLC team will happily assist in coverage of those items, if requested. If you would like to keep your stairs in place, we can work around them. We can also cover stairs with the same coating, although, warranty does not apply to stairs. If stairs were not discussed at estimate, a cost will be added and discussed with your lead installer. 

Things to expect

The noise level can be high for a short period of time. The installers use generators to power our equipment, not your home outlets. Installers should arrive between 8am-10am and will call on the way to your home. Please do not walk on the floor for at least 24 hours after installation is complete. Heavier items and vehicles should not be moved into the garage until 72 hours after installation is complete.
When the final coat goes over your floor, it may have an odor for 24-48 hours. If possible, prepare to have a way to draft indoor areas. For best ventilation, keep the garage door open for the entire day after the installation. The garage door must remain open at least a few inches overnight to ensure the garage door does not stick to the floor. There is a fee charged if you close your garage door completely and it seals to the concrete during the curing process. 

Final payment is expected once the job has been completed. Your lead installer will collect payment at the end of the day one installation is complete. We accept all forms of payment including check, cash, debit and credit cards. All checks should be made out to Showroom Garage Flooring, LLC.
We clean up the best we can, we treat your home as if it was our own, and we want to leave you with a great feeling the moment you get to be back on your new floor. 


Your warranty will be sent to you within 3-5 business days upon the completion of your job. If you should ever need to use your warranty, please feel free to call, and we will get you on the schedule within 30 days of your request. We want to make sure you are happy with your new floor! 

Warranty is not valid until Final Payment has been made. Final payment is made on the day of installation, upon completion of services. Payment of Credit Card, Check, or Payment Links are accepted. 

Maintenance + Cleaning 

Maintaining your floor is easy, most people just use soap and water. Since oil will sit on the surface, you might need a degreaser, and we have found that Dawn dish soap is best for breaking up that greasy grime. You can power wash your floor, although it is recommended you blow it out first, the floor hides dirt and may look cleaner than you think. 


If for any reason you need to cancel, you can do so anytime within 72 hours of the date of purchase without penalty. If you cancel after 72 hours, we charge a $750 cancellation/re-stocking fee, that fee will be deducted from the deposit. Your refund will be issued back to you via check or card and may take 10 business days to process.
Final payment is due the day of installation. If payment is not received in full by end of business on the date of installation; collection efforts will be initiated and may result in a lien on the property. 

You now have the floor you have been waiting for! Feel free to run around in there like you always do, although please be careful to wear shoes whenever possible. The flooring may have a slicker feel than your old concrete, and it is important to be safe. Showroom Garage Flooring, LLC is not liable for any slipping or falling on your new floor. Walk safely, especially in the event of snow or ice. Now you have the strongest coating available to protect your surface from anything that could damage the concrete below. It is low maintenance and super easy to clean! Show it off to your friends and earn $100 per referral upon completion of their new project. 

Please be aware that the installation team does take photos of every installation we complete, we may use these photos in future marketing efforts. If you would like to opt-out please give us a call at the number below.
Thank you again for choosing Showroom Garage Flooring, LLC. We appreciate your business! 

Showroom Garage Flooring, LLC 303-999-0167 www.showroomgarageflooring.com 



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