Colorado vs. Garage Flooring: The Damage It Can Bring to Unprotected Floors

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With climate change becoming increasingly severe, especially in recent years, you’re probably wondering which flooring options would be ideal for your garage to protect it year-round. Thankfully, there are garage floor coatings and flooring ideas that provide better coverage and defend it against Colorado’s next weather challenge. We’ll cover how you can protect your concrete garage floors without emptying your pockets.

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How Regional Climate Impacts Your Garage Floor

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Let’s clear the air. Just because your floor is made of concrete doesn’t mean it’s rock solid safe against any damage that weather can create (especially cold or freezing weather). In fact, weather can severely damage garage flooring over time, possibly sooner, depending on how intense and long-term the weather is. First off, excess moisture builds up during winter weather, which can cause damage to concrete over time. Excess moisture and humidity can also cause metal items in the garage to rust, making the garage floor slippery and potentially dangerous.

Additionally, it’s not just inclement weather that poses a threat. Sunlight, heat, and UV radiation can damage your garage floor. Without the proper installation of a polyurea coating, your garage flooring won’t have ample protection against harmful UV rays, nor will it be resistant to high heat indexes. In certain regions of the United States where humidity peaks, like the Southern U.S., homes are more susceptible to concrete floor damage if not correctly taken care of. In areas where temperatures drop, such as the Northern or Mid-U.S., concrete is vulnerable to damage from snow, de-icers, road salts, and other materials that help fight against harsh winter weather.

Helpful Tips to One-Up the Weather to Prevent Garage Flooring Damage

Curious to know how you can protect your concrete garage floor from harsh weather? We have our tips below!

Apply Epoxy or Polyaspartic Coating to Your Floor for Ultimate Protection:  Epoxy garage flooring is exceptionally durable against liquids, chemicals, and elements. Polyaspartic garage flooring is highly durable, stable against UV rays, and protects concrete against abrasion and chemicals. No matter the case, applying an epoxy or polyaspartic coating to your garage floor will not only look and feel like a showroom but protect it from Colorado’s ever-changing weather for a long time. Contact us today to schedule a free on-site assessment and consultation.

Reduce Humidity in the Air: Another way to combat winter moisture from affecting your concrete garage floor is to reduce air humidity by installing a humidifier. For a 400-500 square-foot garage, it’s recommended to use a unit rated for 2,500 square feet or larger. Keep the garage door tightly sealed to prevent cold air moisture from seeping into the space, and weatherproof any regular doors or windows with weatherstripping.

Improve Air Circulation: Add a fan in the garage to circulate the air better. That way, the moisture in the air can’t rest long enough to condense on the concrete floor.

Ensure All Windows and Garage Doors are Sealed: Weatherproof your doors and windows by adding weatherstripping to prevent excess moisture from seeping into the garage and onto the flooring.

Heat the Garage (Safely): Add vapor barriers on the walls in your garage. This will prevent water from penetrating the drywall and insulation.

Consider Other Garage Flooring Types: While some of these tactics can aid in preventing excess moisture from seeping and condensing on the concrete garage floor, other garage flooring types should be considered based on specific materials and resources. Our most recent blog about the best type of garage floors dives deeper into this topic and our recommendations!

We Have You (And Your Garage) Covered, Literally

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We understand that you want a product that looks good and can tackle any snowstorm, intense summer heat, or unexpected debris Colorado’s rough winter weather may bring. Our team works efficiently to help increase your home’s value and provide year-round protection for your garage’s concrete floor. With transparent, fast, and professional garage flooring services, we seal the deal with a 10-year manufacturer warranty to ensure the highest level of satisfaction is achieved.

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